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"A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step"  
Our Certified Behavioral Health Professionals
Ms. Constanza Castaño, BSW, NCAC-II, Approved FVIP Facilitator
Ms. Diana Marshall, DBHDD DUI Evaluator, FVIP Facilitator, RRP & DDC Instructor
Ms. Patricia Pinzón, BA, CAC- Intern, Approved FVIP Facilitator
Ms. Jasmine Hart, MS, NCC
Ms. Ariam Pena, Bilingual, MA, CADC-II
Mr. Leo Grajales, Bilingual Certified RRP & DDC Instructor
Ms. Guianina Sheridan, BA, Certified RRP Instructor, PRIME Solutions Certified
Ms. Terica Culver, MS, NCC
Mr. Luther Barnes, MA, NCC, LAPC, DUI Court Program Coordinator
Ms. Luz Roman, Certified RRP Instructor, FVIP Intern
Ms. Martha Engstrom, MA, NCC, FVIP Intern