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2011 Latin American Association ~ Compañeros Award
2011 Womenetics POW Awards
For today's successful career women, the Power Of Women. As the number of women in the
US workforce continues to increase, women who forge new ways while inspiring others are
at the forefront of this paradigm shift. This woman challenges her co-workers to burst
through barriers and inspires passion, conviction and confidence in others. She finds creative
ways of force-of-nature sees through the clutter and embraces a constantly evolving terrain.
She Is known for her abilities to lead, change, and adapt; innovate and create; collaborate,
inspire, and advance. She is shifting the organization.
The Compañeros Awards Luncheon is the Latin American Association’s annual recognition of
exceptional community leaders. The Latin American Association, along with over 600 of
Atlanta’s most influential community and business leaders, will honor award recipients in the
areas of Community Leadership, Service and Commitment; Exemplary Corporate Leadership;
and Public Service and Leadership for their outstanding contributions to the Latino community.
"A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step"  
Rocío D. Woody will commence a part-time faculty
position at Kennesaw State University in the field of
Social Work and Human Services. Ms. Woody taught
Individual and Group Practice courses in Addiction at
the graduate level from Fall 2011 until the Summer of
2014. Ms. Woody continued to fulfill her role as
President/CEO of The Road to Recovery, Inc
throughout her teaching period. .
2012 Rocio D. Woody Named Faculty at  Kennesaw State University
2012 Rocio Woody becomes Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)
collection and analyses to determine the nature of an individual's mental, cognitive,
emotional, behavioral, and interpersonal problems or conditions; counseling, and
psychotherapy to individuals, marriages, couples, families and groups; interpretation of the
psychosocial dynamics of a situation and recommend and implement a course of action to
individuals, marriages, couples, families, or groups.

This practice may occur in such settings as private practice, family service and counseling
agencies, health care facilities and schools and may provide direct evaluation, casework,
social work advocacy, education, training, prevention and intervention services in situations
threatened or affected by social, intrapersonal stress, interpersonal stress or health
2013 Rocio Woody becomes Certified Clinical Supervisor (CCS)
Certified Clinical Supervisor (CCS) through
GACA/NAADAC. Certified Clinical Supervisors
provide clinical supervision in the addictions field
for certification purposes. A CCS, has
documented experience in the practice of
addictions counseling including
Assessment/Evaluation, Counselor
Development, Management/ Administration, and
Nathan Deal swore in Ms. Rocio Woody
as a member of the Georgia Board of
Corrections. The appointment will be
for a five year term. Governor Deal's
appointment of Ms. Woody to serve in
this capacity, makes her the first
Latina, and the first Hispanic
immigrant, appointed under his
administration.  Ms. Woody, who is a
Licensed Psychotherapist, serves on
the board of directors of a number of
professional and civic organizations
among them, the Georgia Supreme
Court Unlicensed Practice of Law (UPL)
Standing Committee.  
2013 Rocio Woody appointed by Governor Deal to the Board of Corrections
2015  Distinguished Social Work Practice Award granted by NASW -GA
I am very honored and humbled to have received two
awards on the 20th anniversary of my career in private
practice; the 2015 Distinguished Social Work Practice
Award and the 2015 Kenneth F. Jasnau Community
Practice/Community Organizing Award granted by the
National Association of Social Workers (NASW).
Amazingly, I have been recognized on a year that is so
meaningful to me in my professional career. Twenty
years ago, I began as a solo practitioner and from a
"one-woman show" my clinical practice grew into a full
service clinic providing behavioral health services to
the State of Georgia Accountability Courts, with six
facilities throughout Metro Atlanta and the most
outstanding and dedicated clinical team. I could not be
more thankful to everyone who has touched my life
throughout the past two decades. I am blessed to have
you as a very important part of my life. Professionally,
there is no higher honor than to be recognized by your
peers, those who truly and deeply know the quality of
your work and the passion with which you serve your
community. I can honestly say that I have dedicated my
life to a profession that has filled my life with the
highest possible reward ... helping others.
2015 Distinguished Social Work
Practice Award and
2015 Kenneth F. Jasnau Community
Practice/Community Organizing Award