"A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step"  
  • Depression, anxiety, stress
  • Anger, frustration or guilt
  • Constant worries, preoccupations or obsessions
  • Addictive behaviors/substances: food, alcohol, prescription or illicit drugs
  • Changes or potential changes in your life
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Communication problems
  • Relationship Problems: marital, parenting, employment
  • Sleep disorders
  • Medical symptoms worsened by a psychological problem
  • A crisis that involves violent thoughts or behaviors, risk of harm to others
    or self.
Psychotherapy and Counseling Modalities
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Individual Counseling

The Road to Recovery offers counseling to individuals who are experimenting difficulties
dealing with life's circumstance and copying with difficult situations. Through different
modalities and interventions, we assist you to better deal with what today seems too
overwhelming to handle on your own. The Road to Recovery offers individual
psychotherapy that is consultation with an experienced psychotherapist. The goal is to
address your concerns and to resolve long standing issues that interfere with our ability
to form satisfying relationships, realize our goals and fully experience the pleasures and
joys of life.

Couples Counseling

The Road to Recovery offers counseling for married and non-married couples. Couples
meet with their psychotherapist to achieve mutually agreed upon frequent conflict,
experiencing unsatisfying sexual challenges or experiencing other threats to their
relationship may benefit from couples therapy at the Road to Recovery. With the
assistance of the psychotherapist, many couples develop a more intimate, satisfying, and
healthy relationship, and learn skills that help the relationship continue to grow after the
therapy has ended. We welcome same-sex couples.

Group Counseling

The Road to Recovery groups are specially designed to help with specific problems.
Although some people may hesitate to join a group due to nervousness about speaking
up in front of others, the group setting can be a particularly effective way to address
these concerns.

Our groups are supportive, educational, and aimed at building coping skills. There is no
requirement to speak up. Members are encouraged to participate at alone, and more likely
to make progress.
Your call is
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The decision to visit a counselor or psychotherapist is usually made during times of
uncertainty, stress or pain. The decision to seek help may also be the result of long
standing issues or problems that may involve recurrent worries, frustrations, guilt, or
self-defeating behaviors.

Counseling and psychotherapy are not intended to replace the potential role of friends,
family, or additional support systems. Professional, linguistically and culturally competent,
counseling and psychotherapy
can offer viable alternatives to psychiatric medications.  

Road to Recovery allows you to benefit from counseling or psychotherapy at the highest
quality of professionalism and care at affordable fees and without the complications and
risks of mental health insurance. We suggest mental health counseling if you or someone
close to you is experiencing: