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"A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step"  
“I am an immigration attorney that has used Dr. Woody's services at
Road to Recovery for psychological evaluations for my clients. This is
extremely important when filing for specialized immigration
applications such as battered spouse petitions and waiver applications
demonstrating extreme hardship in removal proceedings. Dr.
Woody's evaluations are the best I have seen, using DSM criteria for
assessments and providing detailed narratives of the client's
psychological profiles. Excellent work, and recommended to other
immigration attorneys."

Year first hired: 2011

Bonnie Youn, Immigration Attorney
"Good morning Ms. Woody, With your thorough report, my attorney was able to
present a convincing case to USCIS which resulted in me received a Green
Card last month and I can file for my citizenship in three years. Your kindness
towards me is greatly appreciated and it is with the greatest sincerity I convey
my gratitude to you.
                      Juan D.  
Mi nombre es Mike C., y solo le escribo para darles las gracias por
todo, estamos muy contentos y sobre todo nuestra hija esta bien
gustosa por tener a su mama aquí. Gracias, muchas gracias."

Mike Castaneda
Dear Dr. Woody,

I received my Green Card last week. To you, I am forever grateful.

Joseph Douglas
What people are saying ...
Thank you for helping me save my life.  My name is Jeff H. and I
missing some classes.  First, Ms. Miriam is a total pleasure with all the
help that she provides and making sure that you follow the rules and
gets you whatever that you need.  Now, Mr. Brad, What can you say?
earth, he builds the sound foundation for your program and services
and to have Brad and Miriam working for you. Thank you for help me
save my life."  
Sra. Rocio:

Muchisimas grasias por su trabajo ganamos el caso ya soy residente legal de
este pais. Le agracemos mucho.

Jose Anguiano
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AILA members
Hi, Mrs. Woody how are you? I want let you know they approved my
application & I have my green card. I am sooooo happy & thank you
for waiver. Sooooo happy!!!!! Thanks !!!!!!

"Hello, mi nombre es Edison. Le estoy llamando para darle las gracias,
usted hizo mi evaluación psicológica para traer a mi esposa y ya tengo
a mi esposa conmigo. Quería darle las gracias porque mi familia esta
unida gracias al trabajo que usted y mi abogado hicieron. Cuidese
mucho y que Dios la bendiga.
"I have referred numerous clients to Road to Recovery and have always been
extremely pleased by their services. Ms. Woody is professional, hardworking,
efficient. Her evaluations are clear, thorough and persuasive. I am very grateful
to be able to send my clients to such an excellent, reliable program."

Year first hired: 2005

Kerry McGrath, Immigration Attorney
"I am very thankful that I went through the evaluation with Ms. Rocio Woody. I  
used her report before an immigration judge in my husband's adjustment of
status case which was accompanied by a waiver of extreme hardship from me.
She was very observant during the session and gathered the right information
to form a very full picture of who my family and I are. When I went to court her
lengthy and detailed report on the hardship my children and I would suffer if my
husband got deported was very helpful. My lawyer referenced many of the
details from the report. She included some tests evaluating my levels of
depression and anxiety as a result of the immigration case and because they
were high, it was evidence in court that was useful to point out my suffering. I
have to admit that I am not usually the kind of person who is comfortable
around counselors and that sort of thing. However, she was very friendly and
her report was very useful so it is definitely worth it. I think Ms. Woody chose
this career because she excels at it and has the best intentions to help her
clients succeed."

-Jennifer Hauser
Dear Dr. Woody,

I wanted to say thank you so much on helping me and my husband
with our hardship waiver. You have been a wonderful help and an
fantastic person to talk with. You have been flexible with time and
always worked with my schedule. There was never any problem with
communication and even if I had a question about something and
couldn't meet up with you; you always would answer my calls at your
earliest convenience. You have been nothing but a great person.
Thank you so much once again!

Ms. Momin
I have been referring clients to Rocio for evaluations to support their
legal claims for several years now and I cannot recommend her
enough. Her evaluations are thorough, professional and exactly
address what adjudicators look for to make a just decision. She
enhances my cases greatly. I am relieved when my clients are willing to
work with her as I know it will make my case stronger. She is ethical
and this is imperative but she is also dig deeply and ensure that she is
accurately reporting the clients’ situation. If you want an evaluation
done in detail, ethically, and sensitive to what you need to forward
your clients’ best interests, call Rocio. Thank you for all the good work
you have done for my clients. I look forward to a continued long
relationship with you!

Carolina Antonini Immigration Attorney